About us

My name is Ethan O’Dell. I have been an avid lover for anything with 4 wheels and an engine. I started riding, racing, and working on dirt bikes when I was two years old. As I got older I began working really hard to start saving money for a car. When I turned 18 Years old I bought myself my 2011 Chevy Camaro SS. There has always been an issue in the car community, from the outside we are seen as criminals, street racers, and people who destroy property, put lives in danger, and evade the law. This is absolutely not the case. Unfortunately a few bad groups have given us all this stigma. As a whole, Shifting Gears is dedicated to removing this stigma, and promoting the real car community. The real car community is family friendly, law abiding, motivating, and an amazing place for people of all ages and backgrounds. I want to see children, families, and people everywhere excited to see their favorite car, excited to attend car shows, and excited to go to races and other various events in our community. Our purpose is to grow and develop the car community into something everyone can be proud of. Join us on this journey.